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A Web Service Proxy stub server and service virtualization tool to monitor, record or playback web services

Ekko Proxy can be downloaded as a single runnable jar requiring only Java 8 or later to run. Downloads are available here and on github. To run via the command line simply do the following:
 $ java -jar ekkoproxy-1.1.jar
You can override application settings on the command line, as in the example below, that specifies which port the application should be accessible on:
 $ java -jar ekkoproxy-1.1.jar --server.port=8081

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Ekko Proxy is a simple, yet effective, proxy stubbing / service virtualization utility that can be used to monitor, record or playback messages (e.g. SOAP/JSON) flowing on a HTTP connection. Ekko Proxy is used by placing it in-between a client application and a server. The client is configured to connect to Ekko Proxy, and Ekko Proxy forwards, records or plays back the data from the server, depending on mode of operation, along-with providing easy access to view and compare the requests/responses in its UI.

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Ekko Proxy is free for non-commercial / non-profit use, though not all features may be available in the unlicensed version.
If you want to use Ekko Proxy in a commercial setting then please contact us for license pricing information.

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Ekko Proxy provides you with benefits such as:

  • Validate APIs early in the project by recording requests and playing back recorded or mocked responses.
  • Run your application on the go without requiring network access to backend systems.
  • Simulate a variety of responses to test hard to replicate scenarios / error conditions.
  • Minimize dependencies between service delivery teams allowing for a truly agile delivery model.
  • Load test APIs without incurring potential costs associated with rate limits.
  • Increase development and testing time by reducing dependency on backend systems availability.
  • Integrate your application with dependent APIs before they are fully built.

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